Judicial Division

Lieutenants A. Cocci and J. Farnkopf
Division Commanders

The Judicial Division is comprised of several areas. The first is Courtroom Functions. Courtroom functions include courtroom security for family, criminal, hearing officer, juvenile referee, landlord tenant, arbitration courts and civil courts. This division is also responsible for grand jury and any other special court function such as Mock Trials, Election Day courts and security for voting poll problems. The protection of all County Judges, courtroom personnel, staff, attorneys, litigants, witnesses and the public while in the County Court are the primary duty of the Sheriffs Court Officers. Your safety is our concern. A state mandated court security plan is in place to assure safety and to diminish the likelihood of violent or disruptive events.

The second function is writs. The writs function is responsible for assigning two officers for the transfer of inmates from the Ocean County Jail to various locations throughout the state when ordered by the courts.

The third function is money transfers. The courts transportation team is responsible for the picking up of various funds from the different county locations and delivering them to the bank on a daily basis.

The fourth function is prisoner transportation. The courts transportation team brings inmates from the jail to the judges' courtrooms. On special request, the Sheriff's Department assists local departments in prisoner transportation as well.

The fifth function is Strike Force Transportation. The strike force transportation team is responsible for the transportation of subjects from the scene of a raid to the Ocean County Jail at any given time.

On a daily basis, the Officers of the Courts are called on to not only provide proper security screening but settling disputes, rendering first aid, and arresting those committing crimes on county property. Approximately 230 arrests are made annually by Sheriff's Court Officers in and around the courthouse.

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